Mister Ashmore
Life is a Journey
 About Me

Welcome to Room One at Sherwood Elementary.  I am super excited to be your teacher and work with you on achieving your learning goals; as well as, to teach you some amazing stuff! 

I have been teaching for the past 15 years and have taught all different styles of learners and age ranges, but the most important thing I have found is that no matter who is learning, the learning has to be fun and exciting (as much as possible).  I have a Bachelor’s in Education with a major in Technology and a minor in Social Studies. 

I am a husband and father.  My wife and I have been married for six years and we have a beautiful daughter (Katie) who is two.  We are expecting our newest addition sometime in early December.  We also have two dogs (Emma and Abby), two rabbits (Nick and Audrey), a turtle (Garfunkel) and two fish.

When I am not teaching (or planning) I enjoy numerous activities; reading, cooking, watching movies, and playing with my daughter.  However; there are a few other activities I love to do, which is to be outside.  I love to ski and go camping. 

Sports are of a big interest to me, as my wife has commented on several occasions.  I enjoy watching a majority of sports from; hockey (Edmonton Oilers) to football (Miami Dolphins and Edmonton Eskimos) to baseball (Toronto Blue Jays) and even basketball (Toronto Raptors).   

My teaching philosophy is that I am teaching the leaders of tomorrow and it is my job to help your prepare for the challenges that will face you today, tomorrow, and beyond.  I believe in a mixture of traditional teaching with a dose of new teaching (technology and gamification).