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Here is a great overview of all the areas of study for this year.

Math At A Glance 
A great website to practice your math skills can be found at Mathletics.  Don't forget your username and password! 
Google Math Classroom

Please make sure that you join the Google Math Classroom.  The Code is: v1sr9y
Go to the classroom here: Google Math Classroom
In Grade 6 Math this year, your child will learn:

  • understanding and use place value
  • determine factors (e.g., 6 is a factor of 24) and multiples (e.g., 45 is a multiple of 9) to solve problems
  • describe how decimals, fractions, ratios and percents are related
  • use graphs and tables to show number patterns and solve problems
  • write and solve equations that represent problems or patterns
  • classify, measure and draw angles and triangles
  • generalize the sum of interior angles for triangles and quadrilaterals
  • construct and compare triangles
  • describe and compare the angles and sides of regular and irregular polygons
  • develop and apply formulas for the perimeter of polygons, the area of rectangles and the volume of right rectangular prisms
  • plot whole number points on a grid
  • perform reflections, rotations and slides in combination on a 2-D shape
  • use line graphs to present and interpret information
  • collect and analyze data to graph and solve problems
  • understand the differences between experimental and theoretical probability
Math Dictionary

Here are links to some Mathematical terms that we will use this year:

Math Dictionary One
Math Dictionary Two
Math Dictionary Three
Math Dictionary Four
Math Dictionary Five
Math Dictionary Six