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During this unit students will be able to: 

  • understand and use place value
  • determine factors (e.g., 6 is a factor of 24) and multiples (e.g., 45 is a multiple of 9) to solve problems
  • describe how decimals, fractions, ratios and percents are related
Number Strategies

This is an excellent review & notes to help you with this unit of study.

Check it out here.

Please find the textbook chapters for this unit below:
Chapter 5 

YouTube has a lot of really good videos to help you learn these concepts.
   Equivalent Fractions   Improper Fractions & Mixed Numbers   
How to Add Fractions


  How to Add Mixed Numbers  
  How to Add Fractions with Unlike Denominators 

YouTube has a good video on explaining what a ratio is, along with lots of examples.  Look at it again here: Ratios