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Google Science Classroom

Please make sure that you join the Google Science Classroom.  The Code is: n9senr 
Go to the classroom here: Google Science Classroom

Designing, building and testing flying objects in teams helps Grade 6 students develop as scientists. In Grade 6, students also learn about the night sky, planets, forests and trees. They will sharpen their skills in observing and interpreting what they see by investigating evidence of human and animal activity.

Your child will make observations, develop theories and evaluate their theories based on evidence and investigation. They’ll explore the properties of air and construct and modify devices for flight. Your child will recognize that planning, communication, cooperation and flexibility are important to teamwork. They’ll describe, model and interpret objects in the night sky, considering, for example, the movement of the Sun and the Moon. They’ll also examine local tree species to identify their unique characteristics, such as leaf shape and branching pattern, and to understand their role in the environment.