Mister Ashmore
Life is a Journey
 By the end of this unit you should be able to understand the following:

  • I can recognize that the Sun and stars emit light and moons and planets reflect light.
  • I can describe the location and movement of the stars and constellations.
  • I can recognize that the apparent movement of objects in the sky is regular and predictable.
  • I can understand that the Sun should never be viewed directly – only with appropriate tools.
  • I can construct and use a device for plotting the movement of the sun across the sky.
  • I can describe seasonal changes in the length of the day and night, and the angle of the Sun.
  • I can recognize that the phases of the moon are regular and predictable.
  • I can identify technologies and procedures by which knowledge about astronomy has been gathered.
  • I can understand that Earth, the Sun and the Moon are part of a solar system that occupies only a tiny part of the known universe.

Unit Review & Vocabulary 
Unit Review - Read this Over! 

Vocabulary - Read all the terms.  These are the terms you will need to understand to have success in the unit.

Be An Astronaut

Go to this website and complete the mission, by filling in the correct information on the worksheet provided.